Shimmering Fragments


From her collection of Original Paintings, “Shimmering Fragments” is a pure watercolour featuring 22ct yellow gold leaf highlights, from East Cork Artist Sue Van Coppenhagen.
28 x 28cm x 4cm in deep lime-wooden box frame. Paintings are all on paper with a deckle-torn edge
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Inspired by the natural world, Sue’s delicate yet vibrant watercolours reflect a strong emotional connection to her environment: local beaches, farmlands and woodlands, and the plants and creatures encountered there on daily walks, emerge in her very personal and evocative paintings.

Sue is passionate about the immediacy and magic of watercolour…

There is no greater excitement than watching pigment explode and flare in water; the fluidity allows a range from the diffuse and delicate to bold and juicy use of paint. Because light is reflected from the paper through layers of paint, one is able to achieve a high level of luminosity, making the paintings fresh, atmospheric and evocative “


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