Rhythm of Life


This piece is part of award winning Dublin artist Francis Leavey’s ‘One Line & Minimalist’ series. The collection is characterised by a deceptively simple use of line creating  a beautiful, contemporary piece that suits any room.

This aims to capture a sense of the player and the instrument being a single entity. The two are inseparable and that’s where the magic comes from.

It strikes me that in life we only tap into the rhythm when we are one with our thoughts, words and our actions. When they are seamless, life happens more easily and in a rhythm that makes sense to us.

Size: 16 x 12 inches

Presentation: Mounted and framed in a modern lime washed, solid frame. Ready for hanging. Frames are also made in Ireland.

Additional Information: Limited Edition. Prints are named, numbered and signed by the artist. The piece name and inspiration is included on the back. Francis is a member of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.

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