Hope to Cope Book


Hope to Cope

– through accepting what we cannot change we can look to the things that we can change

Katherine Dolphin-Griffin


The book includes 16 essays, each of which begins with a motivational quote.

Each tells a story of a challenge or struggle that Katherine has experienced in her life. Next, she describes what happened and the tools used to overcome each challenge.

Finally, Katherine talks about what she has learned about herself and others. She has struggled at times, as so many of us can identify with, while living with Covid.

Dealing with life’s challenges doesn’t have to be the end of the world as long as you have hope in your heart.

This upbeat book will show you that there is always hope.

Hope to Cope


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At 10:10, On February 4th, 2017, World Cancer Day, Katherine Dolphin Griffin’s life fell apart. Her beloved father, Joe, lost his 5th battle with cancer. Life as she knew it was changed forever, and the grief was crippling.

Katherine, a cancer survivor herself, wanted to help make more survivors. So, she decided to fundraise in a way that gives all of her, in an honest, raw, and passionate way, putting as much of herself into it as possible. As a result, she has written her first book, which shares her coping strategies that have resulted in her healing and recovery from trauma and finding joy.

The book’s proceeds will go directly to The Irish Cancer Society and Marymount Hospital and Hospice. She hopes that her feel-good story of finding ways to cope with life’s challenges will help others too. Drawing on all she has learned, first to survive and then, in time, to thrive, Hope to Cope is a journey of love and perseverance to find strength through the most challenging times.


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