Our mission is to spread and encourage the spirit of giving, the joy of connection, and the beauty of Irish creativity.

Heron & Haven is a newly launched online curator of specialist hand-made, bespoke products from Irish artisans.

At the heart of our ethos is the commitment to promote Irish-made products and to raise the profile of Irish designers and crafters.

Heron & Haven is the creation of Lisa Parker, a native of East Cork. Having trained as a florist while living in Dublin several years ago, she quickly fell in love with the rich interactions a local shop has with the community.

Lisa is also a qualified social care worker and the value of community and the intrinsic connections that lie within have always been something that she has wanted to encourage. Throughout her career she has never neglected her passion for creativity, bringing her love of art, dance and music to those she has worked with.

Lisa began thinking about opening a luxury store championing the beauty of Irish design shortly after her wedding in 2018. When her best friend gave birth to a beautiful daughter in March 2020, she set about sourcing a bespoke gift that was Irish-Made and so the thought to establish Heron & Haven was fully realised.

The Covid-19 crisis changed the way we all do business and meant an online platform showcasing Irish design was the most practical option.

At a time of great uncertainty, Lisa was inspired to set up a business that would support other small businesses in the arts sector that was hit so badly by the pandemic. It was through support from her husband and from close friends that the inspiration came to take her idea from the concept stages to a reality. She knows first-hand how the arts can be affected by a recession as the daughter of a musician and so she decided to reach out to Irish artists at a difficult economic time in order to promote Irish-Made Gifts to the Irish population.

We hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer!